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Stopleak offers a holistic approach
to Water Management 

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Water Monitoring

. Our system measure the water consumption digitally.  STOPLEAK monitors the daily water consumption and alert our clients of any possible leaks.

From only R550 pm.

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Leak detection

STOPLEAK uses state of the art acoustic technology imported from Germany, hydrogen containing forming gas and zone scanners. We can do a “Find-and-fix” should the customer require repairs as well.

From only R1840

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Water audits

Our Digital water Monitoring System allows the client to have access to a 24-hour cycle report to measure water usage

and possible leaks.

From only R550

Water Management Solutions for Your Industry

Residential Complexes.png

Residential Complexes

Body corporates, Trustees, Property Management agents, Real Estate Agents, Estate Managers, Complexes, Landlords

Commercial and Industrial.png

Commercial and Industrial

Business owners, Industrial Parks, Shopping centres, Office Parks, Hospitals, Warehouses


Schools and community

Day Care Facilities, Kindergartens, Primary & High Schools, Universities, Collages, Higher Education Institutions, Churches, Community Facilities



Water management of Livestock production and Crop production.


STOPLEAK’S Digital Water Monitor System is installed onto the business / Complex / Buildings bulk water meter. Our system measure the water consumption digitally and sends it to our cloud based server.


Our server sends a daily report of the previous day’s water usage via email and/or to your smart device This report includes the total and hourly water  consumption, and may indicate a possible leak for  the day. Our clients can monitor their daily usage themselves.


STOPLEAK also monitors the reports to alert our clients of any possible leaks. Regular checking of consumption figures will save a lot of money and water. 

3 Months   | R 750 pm 
6 Months   | R 600 pm
12 Months | R 550 pm
installation included

Water Monitoring


STOPLEAK uses Sewerin Stethophon sound equipment to do a phase 1 detection of leaks. If needed, we insert hydrogen containing forming gas in pipes and use sniffers to find where the gas leaks out. We also can use temporary zone scanner to scan the area overnight for indicating the region of the  leak.

We can do a “find-and-fix” if the customer requests us to fix the leaks as well.

No leak – No Charge T&C’s apply. Only if our Digital Water Monitor System shows that there is a leak and we couldn’t find it.

Hourly    |  R 1,840.00 incl vat 
½ Day    |  R 5,290.00 incl vat
Full Day |  R 8,920.00 incl vat
gas charged separately

Leak Detection


We install our temporary Digital Water Monitor System onto the business / Complex / Buildings bulk water meter. Our system measure the water consumption digitally and sends it to our cloud based server.


Our  clients will receive a daily email from 07:00 in the morning for the previous day’s water usage. This email includes the total water consumption for the previous day. It also indicates if there’s a possible leak – we estimate the possible leak as the minimum water flow for any hour in a 24 hour cycle.


We keep our eye on the daily emails, and our clients monitors it daily; if the possible leak is high for more than a day.

 R 1783
Installation of a temporary Digital Monitoring system for 30 days

Water Audits

Client Gallery

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